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The Simple Person's Nightmare

Nikolay Mokhov, author from the Dark Side of Business

I am a complex person. And there exist simple people. Simple people have it really bad right now. A simple person is faced with a crisis and doesn't know what to do with themselves. What is a crisis for them? They used to work as a fitness trainer, and now they can't. They have to rebuild their whole life, but how? Their slightly more advanced friends and relatives tell them:

“Well, you can do workouts through Skype!”

simple people are easy targets for manipulators, con artists, and politicians

They get annoyed. It's an owl telling a mouse to grow quills like a hedgehog… For a simple person it's difficult, or even impossible to readjust. Simplicity means struggling to load just one stereotype into your head: how to live. It means having only one program for your whole life. Reinstalling that operating system is an arduous and long process. This is why simple people are the most common victims of any crisis. For them, such a situation is a shock.

And the majority of any country is made up of simple people. That's how society survives. They are a sort of stabilizer. While the brain of a complex person processes dozens of ideas, the brain of a simple person has trouble swallowing one. But that idea brings them comfort, it keeps up the status quo. The idea strengthens it.

And yes, simple people are easy targets for manipulators, con artists, and politicians. The majority is easy to control: you just have to repeat the same idea often and loud. After some time, the people will see this idea as the truth and as a program for their actions.

What idea? It could be anything. It could even be self-destructive. In every century there were sects prophesizing the coming end of the world. Due to the apocalypse on Sunday, please transfer all of your possessions to our guru until Friday. Do you think this is an invention of the 20th century? You're wrong. In the history of humanity, this kind of thing is ever-repeating. I promise you untold wealth after death in return for your real money in life. That motto is thousands of years old…

But forget the sects. We're interested in the economic effect of the simple person. And it's massive. You see, a simple person is a cow milked by the government. It's useless to milk a complex person, like getting blood out of a stone. The politicians of the world exclaim:

“Let's introduce another tax on the rich!”

And the smartest of the rich, Bill Gates, indulges:

“Yes, yes! I also want to pay more taxes.”

New taxes on the rich are introduced. Let's make those bastards pay 60… no, 70! Ah, who's counting: 90 percent of their yearly incomes! We're going to set things straight!

Except the complex person used to pay squat into the budget and continues to do so. How much did Trump send to the treasury? And he had tax holidays and deferrals because of his bankruptcy in the 90s. It's all legal, you understand.

Except that our favorite clock puncher, the simple person, used to pay 50-60% taxes and continues. And they'll be glad to vote for someone who promises to finally “trim the fat” off the rich folk.

Of course, the simple person's intuition tells them they'd been owned somehow, but how? They'd like to get to the bottom of that. Except economics is boring, and conspiracy theories — now that's fun. A conspiracy theory is like the Mexican series “The Rich Cry Too”. Drama is easier to consume than science. The theories multiply.

“The Rockefellers…” an oligarch's stooge was telling me about the secrets of the metallurgical market…

I didn't want to break it to him. I saved it for you. There are no secret conspiracies. Everything is quite open and obvious to the complex person. Take, for example, financial pyramids.

Governments love building financial pyramids. Have you ever considered that? Think about it one of these days. If someone borrowed a hundred dollars last year, and a thousand more this year, which they used to pay off the previous hundred with interest… We know they're building a financial pyramid, right? And what if it's the Ministry of Finance doing that? What's it called then? That's right, economic policy.

Any government's economic policy is building a financial pyramid. And don't think I'm being accusatory. I don't judge, I state facts. For example, every economic entity aspires to a monopoly. That's an axiom. Governments can't stand people who run pyramid schemes, because they can't stand competition. You think they're interested in morals or ethics? No, for them, locking up con artists is a way to get rid of competitors.

Do you think you're not part of the government's financial pyramid? Do you not have a bank account? You do? Congratulations, you're part of a pyramid scheme. You bought the ticket. The prize is your own money. Plus three percent interest each year.

I'll explain how it works. People think banks invest money, which is how they earn their income. That is, of course, an illusion… A bank can't just go and buy a share in some startup. That's a high risk. Startups often fold. If the bank starts giving the investors' money to startups, it will be closed by the government. And what will a country never close a bank for? For buying government bonds. That is, for taking part in the government's pyramid scheme.

Once, there was a financial crisis on Cyprus. Cypriot banks bought out Greek government bonds. But the Greeks are no Egyptians. Pyramids, even financial ones, are not their forte. In short, the Greek pyramid fell through, which is when Cypriot account holders learned that they had been part of a pyramid scheme.

Any bank account holder is part of the pyramid. Any. That's just how banking regulation works. Have you ever wondered why every country in the world is pushing against paper money?

“We're fighting drug traffickers!” the banks will tell you.

Well, it's not working, is it? By all official reports, dealers are blossoming. And in Europe they have no problem buying cocaine for e-cash… Requiring everyone to switch to electronic money is just another way to increase deposits into the government's pyramids. Nothing more, nothing less.

People are forced to entrust their money to banks, and banks are forced to entrust their money to government bonds. The more money the banks have, the more money the government bonds will accumulate. The more, the better. The goal of any system is expansion. The Universe expands, businesses expand, and the government's pyramid also strives for expansion. And all the so-called secret conspiracies are just the systems' desire to expand realized in the material world. Was that complicated to understand? That's just the tip of the iceberg…

Note that when talking about these pyramids, I didn't uncover any conspiracy. Everything I told you about is the official financial policy of every country. Nobody's trying to hide it. But nobody brings much attention to it, either…

At some point, the simple person faces the complexity of the world. It's like a hit to the head. Bam, the crisis of 91. BAM, the crisis of 93.

“That Yeltsin! Those reformers…” father's friends would shout over a bottle of vodka. They weren't stupid people. They were Soviet engineers used to working for their institutes. They would receive tasks. They completed them and got paid. Sometimes they'd make some side cash. But who needs an engineer when nothing's being built?

Father's drinking buddies were not stupid. They had a high IQ and were strength of materials experts. Some were also experts in calculus. They were smart, but simple. And they expected to get paid for their smarts.

“Some people are good at solving problems, and some are good at thinking of new ones,” they would say about one famous manipulator. Thinking of problems is harder than solving them. This is the line in the sand between the simple and the complex person. Everything else derives from this. A simple person can barely think of a problem, but can solve it. In a crisis, someone who can only solve problems turns into an infant abandoned by its parents.

How bad is this current crisis compared to what humanity's been through? From a resources standpoint, it's nothing. But a lot of problems have now become pointless to solve. 43% of the population is in quarantine, if you believe WHO (which you shouldn't). Billions of people will have to change their way of life, i.e. reinstall their operating system. And that's a real nightmare, which they will all have to live through until the complex people can start thinking of new problems for the new world. Can a simple person turn into a complex one? I don't know. I only know that every complex person once said to themselves, in a moment of despair:

"Why am I like this? Why do I need this? There are normal people out there! They dream of owning cars, flats, houses… And I…"

Complex people know that alcohol is a depressant. Not in the sense that it leads to depression, but that it suppresses intellectual activity. And I have come across people that thought that what every master dreams of is peace and quiet. And they drank their brains away. They wanted to suppress their brain's activity. They didn't want to think about the complexity of the world. For a complex person, alcoholism is a form of suicide. A person lives as long as the world thinks they're fulfilling their life's objectives. As soon as the complex person slacks off or considers their mission done… Their lifeline breaks. Done with your role? Get off the stage!

A simple person only has it hard during a crisis. A complex person never has it easy. They always see the beauty and the horror of the world. Beauty and horror are inseparable for them. And at the same time, the beauty and horror of the world are fuel for the complex person's intellectual drive. And currently, more and more of this fuel is appearing. There's so much of this fuel, you could probably get all the way to space with it…

P.S. Dear readers! Whether simple or complex, rich or poor, far or near… Let's use this fuel together… And maybe even help each other out…


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